Stay Ahead with Python URL Status Tracker!

Checking the website.

If you are a webmaster you may need to perform your website's URLs online availability status on a regular basis and Python is here for us for help. The script below uses sitemap of your site to get list of available URLs.

Website status check.
Website status check meme.

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- Updated: 2024-07-23 by Andrey BRATUS, Senior Data Analyst.

The logic of the Python code below is really simple:

- First you need pip install advertools which will convert your sitemap to dataframe.
- Then import all necessary libraries.
- Convert sitemap to DF and then to list.
- Slice the list if you want to check just part of your website, e.g. just first 100 URLs.
- Using FOR loop check the status code of each URL, response 200 is oK.

Checking Website's URLs Status Python code:

import advertools as adv
import pandas as pd
import urllib.request
import time

sitemap_urls = adv.sitemap_to_df("")

url = sitemap_urls["loc"].to_list()

for i in url:
          status_code = urllib.request.urlopen(i).getcode()

print(f'Totally {len(url)} URLs checked, status code 200 is oK.')
print('Thats all, folks !!!')

OUT: INFO:root:Getting
Totally 5 URLs checked, status code 200 is oK.
Thats all, folks !!!

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