Python-Powered MAC Changer: Redefining Network Security.

MAC changer use case.

As you might know Python is universal, quite simple and yet very powerful language thanks to variety of libraries wich support performing many different tasks. Below is an example of quite simple code wich will help you to change MAC address of desired interface in scope of your ethical hacking expiriments.

MAC changer using Python.

Python code to implement MAC changer:

The code itself can be executed from command line specifying file name, interface and new MAC address
- # python3 --interface eth0 --mac 00-11-22-33-44-55 .

#importing the libraries
import subprocess
import optparse
import re

#function for getting user input
def get_user_input():

    parse_object = optparse.OptionParser()
    parse_object.add_option("-i","--interface",dest="interface",help="interface to change!")
    parse_object.add_option("-m","--mac",dest="mac_address",help="new mac address")

    return parse_object.parse_args()

#function for changing MAC
def change_mac_address(user_interface,user_mac_address):["ifconfig",user_interface,"down"])["ifconfig", user_interface,"hw","ether",user_mac_address])["ifconfig",user_interface,"up"])

#function for checking result
def control_new_mac(interface):

    ifconfig = subprocess.check_output(["ifconfig",interface])
    new_mac ="\w\w:\w\w:\w\w:\w\w:\w\w:\w\w",str(ifconfig))

    if new_mac:
        return None

print("MyMacChanger started!")
(user_input,arguments) = get_user_input()
finalized_mac = control_new_mac(str(user_input.interface))

#feedback to the user
if finalized_mac == user_input.mac_address:
    print("Your MAC was successfully canged!")
    print("Error - something went wrong!")

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